Samuel Israel arrived to Curicó as the R3 leader and also as one of the favourite candidates to win. Yet, he was forced to quit at the third stage ( Santo Domingo – Astilleros; 25.66 km), after he rolled his Citröen DS3 over, damaging the engine. He is now on the second place of the drivers standings with 80 points, following Emilio Rosselot, who marks 95 points.

We talked to “Chamuco” to find out what he thinks about his latest participation, at the fifth round of RallyMobil Championship:


How do you see Curicó?

“There’s not much I can get out of it, I can only turn the page and carry on, stronger, to win the next race.”

What was it like to retire during the weekend?

“To quit is a really painful thing, but we all know we are exposed to mistakes, the pace and level is rising, one must go out and strike from the first section to the last in order to achieve victory, and this is what I seek.”

Do you feel prepared to win this year’s title?

“I’ve won two races in a row and I’m always on the fight. I’m the fastest driver in R3 at this point and I made a mistake this round, but this is rally. We will win the championship this year.”

How do you see R5 development?

“R5 has very strong drivers, with a lot of experience, who are getting more comfortable in their all-wheel drive cars every day, and this makes me happy since it brings the championship’s level up; I hope to enter that category one day and can be at the top.”


With only two rounds left for the season to be over, besides the Motorshow, the fight for the title is tighter than ever in R3, a RallyMobil Championship category which promises plenty of vertigo in what’s left of the competition.