Emilio Rosselot is currently placed at the second place overall of 2018 RallyMobil Championship’s R3, with 67 points and only 13 away from leader Samuel Israel. Together with his co-driver Tomás Cañete they have gone through good rounds, except Frutillar, where they were forced to retire at the second stage because of a cut drive belt, which deprived them of finishing the round.

We talked to Emilio to understand how he assesses his own performance so far, after four races, without taking the third round incident into account. He concluded that he has fulfilled expectations that were put on him at the beginning of the season, and that the evolution along with Tomás and the Rosselot Team, with its mechanics and technicians, has been essential for success.

“We started the season with a clear target, to always stay within the track, to not hit the car and avoid mistakes, and we’ve achieved this,” the car number 29 driver declared.

He also admits that every round has been difficult but that they have striven to attain a special sensibility with the car, to see it as a work tool, therefore, respect it and pick up on its signals. “It’s important to know the car’s behaviour. When we had the incident at the second stage in Frutillar I didn’t have enough experience so as to be aware that I shouldn’t have pushed further on the car, which took us to a drop-out with no chance to restart,” Rosselot confessed. 

Regarding the tough fight at R3, Emilio is aware that he lost leadership in Frutillar, nevertheless, he knows it’s not that much points that separate him from the Citröen Procircuit driver Samuel Israel, which is why he intends to get back at the first place. “We know we can go back to first position if we do good races at the next three rounds and at the Motorshow. We certainly want to seize the 2018 season,” and he adds: “We’ve got a good strategy for what’s left of the season.”

Emilio Rosselot and Tomás Cañete make up a duo that maintains a smooth communication while at work, as well as a close friendship, which takes Emilio to recognize something visible to the naked eye: “Tomás is a friend and we get along very well at work, from Wednesday through Sunday.” Will this duo manage to go back to the R3 leadership?