On December 15 the Motorshow will take place in Parque Motor Laguna Carén (Carén Lagoon Motor Park). We want you to have an unforgettable experience… Eight days away from the race, we already have 2,500 registered people on the list to attend the show, and the number of those who want to witness the title definitions in R3 and R5 is growing minute by minute.

So we want to share all the info you need to have with you, to get there in the safest way on Satudray 15. The following map indicates all car accesses and public transport ways, also space distribution within the event, parking, and race track spots. Click on the upper left button to display the info:


Available tickets: 5.000

Parking spaces: 3.500

Motorshow is a NON-SMOKING event.

Gates Open at 6:00 PM. But you can get there earlier if you wish, the food court will be open and foodtrucks too. You can secure yourself a good seat and visit the Service Park, where you can meet your favourite drivers and take a look at the competition cars.

Three giant led screens will be placed at the event for you to watch the race details, with the official live streaming and some info notices throughout the event’s development.

Last but not least: We strongly recommend that you wear sun block, sun glasses and a cap, and don’t forget to stay hydrated.

See you at the Motorshow!