Local tourism has always been benefited from RallyMobil rounds because of the large amount of people the race takes to each city it visits, as it is the most important motor sports production in Chile. Here are the most fun and interesting places to visit while spending your rally weekend in Curicó:

Plaza de Armas 

Considered one of Chile’s most beautiful, it was announced typical area in 1986 and is known as Plaza de las Palmeras (Palms Square) for its 60 palms, which were brought from Canary Islands. Its main atraction is a cast iron stand, built in the Eiffel style, declared national monument. We also highlight the water fountain and a city monument, amongst other fountains with sculptures.

Cerro Carlos Condell 

Located downtown, at 293 metres above sea level, it’s a very popular spot and gets crowded during national holidays (September 18 and 19). A gorgeous panoramic view of Curicó and its sorroundings can be appreciated from its top. You can go up by foot through the stairways, by bicycle or by car across a trail that sorrounds it. Yoy find Corporación Cultural de Curicó (Cultural Corporation) at its feet which offers nice activities for the family.

Potrero Grande

Placed within the pre-Andean region, 30 km away from Curicó, consists of an estuary and lovely adjacent gorges. A great place to go with the family, where you can find delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, pure air, waterfalls and a heavenly camping site at Buitreras.


This legendary hamlet is 10 km to the east of Potrero Grande and the locals are deep-rooted people of their land, who preserve their  acenstros’ traditions and customs. Among their inhabitants live some people who are over a hundred years old.

Monte Oscuro

Also within the pre-Andean area, 50 km away from Curicó, it offers 12 camping sites, watersheds and an estuary with natural wells to fish and swim. You can also practice biking, horse back riding, trekkings and excursions throughout the zone.