The RallyMobil Championship is the most important automobile competition in Chile. After 18 years of life, this show has put its name within the elite of the national sport, being recognized for its spectacular, high competence and level of production throughout the region and the entire world.

This story began in the year 2000 with two categories in its first season, and has achieved sustained growth thanks to its constant innovation in both production and sports. Reflection of this is the realization of the first Night Superprime in the ellipse of O'Higgins Park in 2001, an activity that summoned a thousand people to 25 and that had as an international guest the multiple Argentine champion Federico Villagra.

In 2002 was born the Brand Championship, which encouraged the automotive groups to participate in this sporting event. A year later, 58 crews returned to meet at O'Higgins Park for a new Night Special, which included the four-time world champion of the specialty, the Finnish Tommi Mäkinen.

The milestones would continue with the realization of the first Motorshow in Laguna Carén, an event that brought together more than 1,000 people to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the RallyMobil Championship. Of course it was at 17 when this sporting event took on a relevance at the country level when the Motorshow moved to the front of the Palacio de La Moneda, where more than 1,000 spectators attended.

Achievements that at 2015 were consolidated with the spectacular closing of the championship with a Motorshow in the lung of Santiago de Chile, Cerro San Cristóbal. A scenario that allowed the democratization of the usual sports activity with the most important motor event in the region. An unforgettable postcard of a sport that continues to grow in popularity, becoming after football, the second most important discipline in the country.

After 18 years, RallyMobil has become the most relevant Motorsport event in Chile, a free meeting that uses the infrastructure of cities and routes from different corners of the country. The show has had an unprecedented evolution, which includes the traditional Stellar Presentation, which gathers the crews in a huge stage built in the heart of each city with a spectacular display of skill of the pilots and their machines.

Candidate Event

The nomination of Chile to host a World Rally Championship date for 2019, 2020 and 2021 was the result of an idea that was growing step by step and today is a reality that is in the hands of the executives of the International Federation of Motoring (FIA) and the World Rally Championship (WRC).

On December 8, 2012 debuted in Chile the Renault Clio 3 cars in the Motorshow that took place in front of La Moneda, before more than 20.000 people. There were four cars, to which were added three Citroen DS3 and one Honda Civic Type R, which debuted in Osorno on the first date of the 2013 season.

After that step, it was thought to continue advancing even farther and the next thing was to know the dates of the World Rally and to know what were the requirements to try to apply. The first situation to be solved was to modernize RallyMobil with approved cars, also jump into the sequential gearboxes, look for integral traction and continue perfecting the realization of the local competition.

Another important step was to approach the authorities of the FIA ​​and the WRC, here we had to travel, meet, listen and learn from the experts. After these first approaches, eleven Ford R2 cars are brought to Chile and there is a big jump in sports.

It was at the 2016 when the first official presentation took place with the aim of being able to materialize the intention of making a Chilean application to a WRC date. The production of RallyMobil and Copec showed that it was possible, that there was a commitment with the authorities of the Regional Government and that there was great support from Carabineros de Chile and a constant collaboration of the Fire Department. Chile demonstrated then, that it could do it.

That same year, the WRC continued to follow the dates to continue collecting experience and establishing links with the FIA ​​and the World Rally Championship. Here, for the first time, the real possibility of a formal application for 2017 arises. In sports, the categories R2 and R3 continue to grow, but it was necessary to take the next step. The R5 cars had to get to Chile and it was Pedro Heller who could show the strength of these cars alone.

It was on May 2 that 2017 officially received the executives of the WRC in Chile, the German Olivier Ciesla and the Australian Simon Larkin. It was a great gala to launch the 2017 season and especially to mark the formal start of the presentation of Chile as a candidate to make a date of the World Championship.

Here begins to trace a route, a race with obstacles that RallyMobil had to successfully overcome: Adjudicate a "Candidate Event". Perform this show perfectly and receive a positive report from the FIA. Parallel Chilean ambassadors arise in the WRC, Pedro Heller takes the Chilean flag to the world circuits and 2018 joins Emilio Fernandez, who participates in the Junior category of the WRC.

This is how the 2018 season begins with the "Candidate Event" at the Concepción Grand Prix. Added to this, the arrival of the powerful R5 cars to the championship, which meant an important advance in sports. Nine cars of connoted brands such as Ford, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Citröen and Sköda began to travel the routes of our country.

The "Candidate Event" in Concepción fulfilled all expectations. It was developed with a large audience, with the presence of important representatives of vehicle manufacturers, as well as under the watchful eye of the observers of FIA and WRC, who did not hesitate to talk about the good work done by RallyMobil in this competition.

In 2018 it has continued to travel to different world dates and that is how the RallyMobil production was in Portugal to learn about and learn about the most important aspects of security. The last date of the WRC was Finland, where representatives of our championship gathered experiences and learned more about the development of emblematic events.

In 2019 the work has not stopped with the aim of producing a world quality date. The production of RallyMobil has visited The Rally of Mexico and the Rally of Montecarlo with the mission to refine all the essential details for the successful completion of a WRC date. The incorporation of Chile to the official calendar of the World Rally Championship is a reality and the Region of Biobío expects a large number of fans between the 9 and 12 in May, days in which it will run for more than 12 communes in the region.